frederikpoisquet said: Hey Adam, I was wondering what ever happened to all the songs which are not released from this list you posted last year; Bababa, Siberian Fur, Down for the Outing, I can’t love anyone (but your not anyone), Stranger in my own Skin, Having you over, Three Blind Mice, Flags of the old Regime, Give it up, After You, Stollen Love Song, Shine a light on your Misery Dust on the Road, Little Bird in a Cage, Nothing comes to Nothing

They are on my studio computer waiting for the hiatus to finnish.

Single I produced for solo artist, JELF, released last week.

Jamie and the Magic Torch (Remix Instrumental)

Production room 2 has finally been completed in the studio 2 production chain I have founded, located across the road from Angle Station, right on Islington high Street.

We have just signed a deal with Universal, working exclusively on artist development in our production room 1, Camden Town, and now open our 2nd suite for new artists to work in.

Accommodation available at Studio 2, Islington, for our weekend lock out production sessions. A truly inspiring recording experience!

Check out our site for more details or contact Ben, studio manager:

My production studio is back! I’m back in my new studio, located on Camden High Street, the heart of new music in London, looking for new talent to work with.

Check it out and stay tuned:

Strike a pose!

endlessspringinalbion said: Hi Adem, you said several months ago on your Tumblr that you will upload the demo "Dust On The Road" by Peter Doherty. Would be a big gift to us fans as we love the work you've done with "Nothing Comes To Nothing" or "Siberian Fur". Moreover many of FDW members wonder what happened with this song. Regards, Marine.

Ah yes, stay tuned!

I’m back! Singer needed for major release.

I have two Pop/Indie songs being sold to a major label that needs a male singer. We have a pick of any top studio in London to work in, all expenses paid, and royalties offered for the right candidate. Message me with some clips if your interested and we will arrange an audition.


Remix I knocked up of Adele’s, Chasing Pavements.

scavengerss said: I absolutely love that Natalie Jax demo on the EP, would desperately love to hear more! Such a great track!

Thanks! yes she’s dead cool. I’m writing and producing an EP with her also so will keep you updated onĀ